How to Fix Your Apple Device’s Battery Drain Issue in iOS 16

How To Fix IOS 16 Battery Drain Issue

If you have updated your iPhone to iOS 16, then you probably want to know how to fix its battery drain fast. Whether it’s a new operating system update or an app you downloaded recently, the battery life of any phone deteriorates over time. As such, we have compiled some handy tips and tricks that will help you restore your iPhone’s battery life in no time. We know that everyone is different and everyone’s use case is different too. That’s why we have detailed below some basic troubleshooting steps and general best practices that should improve your iPhone’s battery life.

Turn off Background App Refresh

If you’ve ever used an Android device, then you may have come across the “App refresh” option in the settings menu. But if this is your first iPhone, then you might not have realized that the feature exists at all. The Background App Refresh feature allows your apps to run in the background even after you’ve closed them completely. This is useful if you want to receive notifications or see app statuses change in real time. However, it can significantly impact your phone’s battery life. You can turn off Background App Refresh by going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and disabling the feature for each app.

Enable Battery-Saving Dark Mode

Dark mode isn’t just a cool new feature that you can turn on to look at your iPhone with a different aesthetic. It’s also a battery-saving feature that can help you get more juice out of your battery. That’s because the iPhone’s screen uses a lot of your battery, and it can be particularly resource-intensive when you’re using the phone in bright light. If you turn on Dark Mode, your screen will automatically be a little less bright and therefore use less power. But if you go a step further and choose the “Automatic” Dark Mode option, your screen will get even darker if you’re in a bright environment.

Check for rogue apps

If you’ve just updated your iPhone to the latest version of iOS and are seeing a sudden drop in battery life, then you should check your apps. New versions of operating systems often require apps to be updated manually. They may also have new features that could be draining your iPhone’s battery without you realizing it. If an app has a battery-saving feature, it may be enabled by default. If this is the case and your battery is draining without any apparent cause, then you should disable that feature. You can check your apps’ settings by going to Settings > General > About > Applications > AppName > Battery. Here, you can see which apps are consuming the most power and if there’s a setting that’s causing a problem.

Turn off Location Services

Location Services are designed to help you find things and navigate the world around you. But this comes at a cost to your battery. If you don’t need these features, then you should turn them off. If you don’t, then they can easily become one of the biggest drains on your battery. You can check which apps are using your location by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Zoom In > select the app you want to see. You can turn off Location Services for specific apps by tapping the app name and selecting “Never” from the “When Using the App” menu.

Update to the latest iOS version

Many people don’t know that their phone is running the latest version of iOS. If you’re running an older version, then you may have some bugs that have since been fixed. You may also have a lower battery life because of the bugs. Therefore, if you notice that the battery in your phone is draining quicker than usual, then you should update your phone to the latest version of iOS. You can check which version of iOS your phone is running by going to Settings > General > About > Software Update > Update Software.

Replacing your battery

If you’ve tried all of the above and nothing has worked, then you may need to replace your battery. Apple has a service where they’ll replace your iPhone’s battery for a fee. You can check if your phone is eligible by going to Apple’s website and clicking “Find Out If Your Battery Is Affected”. If it is, then you can select “Start the Repair Process” to begin the process. When you get your battery replaced, you should see a significant improvement in your phone’s battery life. As a result, you might not have to charge your phone as often. In fact, you may find that your phone doesn’t need charging as often as it used to. While battery life will generally degrade over time, you can take some steps to extend it as much as possible. If you follow the tips in this article, you should see an improvement in your phone’s battery life.

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