How to stop apps from using mobile data on iPhone and iPad

Stop apps from using mobile data on iPhone and iPad

Would you like to prevent some of the applications installed on your iPhone or iPad from not having access to mobile data ? If you have a rate with limited data, this may sound very interesting to you and you should know that iOS allows you to do this in a simple way and that it will not take you more than a few seconds to configure.

It is true that mobile rates include more and more data, but if your rate is small or if it is not small, but your consumption is high and you need to reduce it in some way, limit which apps have access to mobile data and which do not it may be most useful to you.

Prevent the use of mobile data to certain apps on iPhone and iPad

Limit mobile data usage to certain apps on iPhone and iPad

Whatever the reason you need to limit mobile data access to certain apps on your iOS device, the steps you need to take are as follows:

Open the Settings app from your device’s home screen or from the App Library .
Go to the Mobile data section.
Scroll until the list of apps installed on the device appears.
Turn off the switch next to each of the apps you don’t want to allow to use mobile data.
Disallow mobile data access for some iOS apps

As you can see, the process to prevent certain apps from consuming mobile data is very simple. The list of applications that you will see is ordered from the highest to the least data consumption , so this can also help you to check which are the applications that consume the most; even discover that some consume much more than you thought.

Wi-Fi Assistance

Also, just below the list of apps you will see an option called Wi-Fi Assistance . This function is active by default on all iOS devices with mobile connectivity and what it does is use the data when the WiFi connection fails or is not stable. Thanks to this function, as a user, you won’t notice any type of outage during browsing, but you won’t be sure if you’re connected via WiFi when you think you are. Deactivating this option can also help you save some data on your rate.

As a general rule, the apps that consume the most data are those related to video. For example YouTube or social networks like Instagram, TikTok and the like. Of course, others may also have a high consumption or even system processes such as iCloud if you have active synchronization of photos and videos with mobile data. Not using this type of application with mobile data and limiting its use to WiFi can help you reduce consumption considerably and stretch your rate further, you just have to deactivate data access for them.

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